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Chronic venous insufficiency is a serious, complex condition that does not heal on its own or get better over time. The earlier a vein disease is diagnosed and treated, the less likely a patient will experience serious complications in the future.

Moderate Symptoms of Venous Disease

Pain or heaviness in the limbs
Swollen legs or ankles
Prominent veins that appear engorged or “snake-like”
Muscle cramping or fatigue (primarily in the evening)
Burning, itching, aching, or throbbing pain of the affected limbs

Severe Symptoms of Venous Disease 

Chronic swelling
Skin ulcers or rash (dermatitis)
Skin discoloration (i.e. brown, yellow or purple splotches)
Superficial or deep vein thrombosis (blood clots)
Hemorrhaging (bleeding)

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