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Light Guided Sclerotherapy

Light Guided Sclerotherapy

Light guided sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive injection procedure that heals spider veins and medium-sized (reticular) veins. To ensure placement accuracy, the injection is typically administered using an ultrasound device or high-intensity, LED light. The specialists at Palm Vein Center may recommend sclerotherapy as an alternative to minimally invasive vein surgery for patients with non-threatening, but visibly impaired veins.

This treatment provides both functional and cosmetic benefits thanks to its unique, FDA-approved sclerosing solution (saline and Polidocanol®). Depending on the size or type of vein being treated, specialists may use different strengths of sclerosant to effectively collapse and subsequently heal the vein.

Your vein specialist may recommend a number of follow-up treatments to ensure the best results. 


Asclera is a medication that is used during a sclerotherapy procedure. This polidocanol injection treats common vein conditions such as spider veins and small varicose veins. At Palm Vein Center, we use Asclera because it produces a very high success rate, and over 85% of patients report being satisfied with their treatment. This is about 20% more than other leading treatments, including sodium tetradecyl sulfate (STS).

When a patient comes in for treatment using Asclera, they can expect the procedure to last between 30 and 45 minutes. Like magic, patients may see results within a week when paired with the use of their compression stockings. Asclera works by encouraging debris and blood platelets to connect with the lining of blood vessels. Over time, this can allow the blood to clot and be replaced with tissue.

Before seeking treatment with Asclera, tell your Palm Vein Center physician if you are pregnant, plan on taking a long flight, or have a known allergy to polidocanol. 

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