What Happens When I “Break” A Blood Vessel?

What Happens When I “Break” A Blood Vessel?

Blog In Less Than 30 Seconds:

  • A small amount of blood leaks into the skin each time a blood vessel bursts, which may cause either small dots (petechiae) under the skin or larger patches (purpura).
  • Although injury is the most common cause of a popped blood vessel, there are other ways to sustain a broken/popped blood vessel.
  • The vein specialists at Palm Vein Center in Surprise, Arizona discuss what happens when people pop blood vessels.

When a blood vessel breaks, more often than not, a small amount of blood will seep into the skin and other parts of the body. Minor injuries or occurrences may cause blood vessels to burst and leak blood into the skin, but if an injury was not the cause, it could be the sign of a pretty serious medical condition. Having said that, it’s imperative patients remain aware of what may have caused their popped blood vessel, especially if they experience them frequently.

Causes Of A Popped Blood Vessel

  • Allergic reaction
  • Bruises
  • Medication side effects
  • Cancer treatment side effects
  • Infections of the blood
  • Autoimmune disorder

Apart from some of the more common causes of a popped or broken blood vessel, certain diseases may cause this phenomenon as well. Leukemiameningitis, and sepsis (inflammation from bacterial infection) could explain a popped blood vessel, especially if the injury is not the known cause.

You should see a Palm Vein Center physician in the West Valley if you:

  • Exhibit other symptoms
  • Develop popped blood vessels frequently without a known cause
  • If the area surrounding the bleeding hurts or itches
  • If you have a family history of bleeding disorders

Call the team at Palm Vein Center today to discuss preventing and treating severely popped blood vessels.

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