Varicose Veins And Caffeine

Varicose Veins And Caffeine

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  • Caffeine is a stimulant found in various foods and beverages that provides solace for many Americans.
  • Although caffeine is beneficial for stimulating your nervous system, safely increasing your heart rate, and combating sleepiness, it may have a different effect on your veins.
  • The team at Palm Vein Center discusses the effects of caffeine on healthy veins and varicose veins.

Adenosine is a neurotransmitter in the brain that dilates your blood vessels and slows nerve cell activity in your body, causing feelings of fatigue or “sleepiness.” Caffeine helps reduce sleepiness by attaching itself to adenosine receptors, forcing nerve cells to move at a faster rate.

When this happens, a hormone called norepinephrine is released, which releases epinephrine, to then reduce blood flow to specific organs and increase blood flow to the heart and brain.

This process, in addition to the contraction of vessel walls and narrowing of blood vessels, may create problems for those with existing venous insufficiencies, especially varicose veins. Although the impact won’t be significant, the combination of constricted blood vessels, increased blood pressure and decreased circulation can harm already damaged veins.

Therefore, it’s important patients with varicose veins and other venous insufficiencies monitor their caffeine intake. A moderate caffeine intake is roughly 250 mg a day. That amount translates to approximately three 8 ounce cups of coffee a day. That may sound like a lot, but if you’re used to getting multiple “grande” and “venti” drinks at Starbucks throughout the day, you probably have that number beat.

Consult a Palm Vein Center physician about your caffeine intake and whether or not it’s affecting your venous disease.

The advice and information contained in this article is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to replace or counter a physician’s advice or judgment. Please always consult your physician before taking any advice learned here or in any other educational medical material.

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