Do Skinny Jeans Affect Vein Health or Blood Circulation?

Do Skinny Jeans Affect Vein Health or Blood Circulation?

Fashion-forward clothing items such as skinny jeans and Spanx may seem like a great way to refine your shape, but these pieces could negatively affect your vein health and blood circulation. Although wearing skinny jeans occasionally won’t necessarily lead to serious heath problems right away, overtime, issues with digestion, blood circulation, and sensation may arise. According to a report from CBS News, one of the most common complaints about skinny jeans is the development of meralgia paresthetica.

Meralgia paresthetica is a condition that causes tingling, numbness or burning pain around the outer thigh. It usually develops when the nerve responsible for supplying sensation to the surface of the thigh is compressed for an extended period of time. Obesity, weight gain, pregnancy and yes, tight clothing, are common causes of the condition. If left untreated, pain from the condition could worsen and become chronic. When that happens, patients may require steroid injections, antidepressants and anti-seizure medications for pain relief.

Wearing pants that are too tight around the waist could also cause abdominal discomfort, heartburn, digestive issues and decrease blood circulation. In regards to vascular health, veins could become increasingly damaged by the prolonged pressure, or become less effective at pumping blood back toward the heart and other major organs. Men could also develop testicular torsion (a condition where one testicle gets twisted on itself) if they’re not careful.

The bottom line? Wear jeans and other clothing items that fit comfortably to avoid some of these serious health concerns. If you believe you’ve sustained vein damage as a result of wearing skinny jeans or tight clothing, call Palm Vein Center in the West Valley today! A physician will evaluate your vein health and recommend treatment options that could restore some of your veins’ functionality.

  • Wearing skinny jeans and other restrictive, tight clothing may put your vascular health at risk.
  • Clothing that’s too tight can cause a number of other, more general health problems as well, like abdominal pain, chronic heartburn or meralgia paresthetica.
  • Vein specialists at Palm Vein Center explains why wearing tight clothing, like skinny jeans, could negatively affect vein health and blood circulation.

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